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Process Management and Workflows in CA Clarity PPM

process management
Process Management in CA Clarity PPM

The Process Manager module manages all business processes as a whole, and thus simplifies the optimization and standardization of processes across the enterprise. Because Process Manager manages all the features belonging to a process, business processes become more automated, more adaptable, and reusable. This will increase the business agility and reduce the cost of the business processes themselves.

Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce cycle time

Process Manager adapts through the combination of knowledge-based approaches with structured workflows to the specific business processes of a company. Workflows improve the quality of organizational processes, regulatory compliance, and consistency of work. The introduction of workflows to automate the work will accelerate the implementation of projects.

Continuous processing of business data in real time

Process Manager supports event-driven processes and brings the flexibility and agility that are required for rapid reaction. For example, if a milestone has been reached or a phase has been completed, a workflow starts in CA Clarity immediately with the verification process in order to accelerate the delivery of the project.

Efficient workflows to automate business processes

Process Manager provides a graphical representation of workflows available, which provides a visual control and monitoring of processes related to ideas, documents, resources, time, and other forms, as well as investment approvals.

Use of open process standards

Process Manager supports the Business Process Management Language (BPML), an industry standard for defining processes within the company. To facilitate the exchange of project information with other systems, Process Manager provides a seamless connection to the XOG ™ (XML Open Gateway). This service includes open standards based interfaces that facilitate the import and export processes and loading from standard or third-party processes.

Key Features


  • Graphical workflow
  • Workflow-driven project planning
  • Standard processes
  • Event-driven business processes
  • Order Scheduling in Real Time

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